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First-principles Study of Bias Effect on Magnetoresistance of Fe/MgO/Fe Tunnel Junctions

  • Ning Deng (a1) and Hongguang Cheng (a1)


We studied the transport properties of the Fe/MgO/Fe and Fe/Ag/MgO/Ag/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) with 13-layer MgO barrier under bias voltage based on first-principles calculations. Our results showed that two features determine the TMR value decreases with bias of Fe/MgO/Fe MTJ: (1) interfacial states lying at 1.06 eV in spin down channel (2) the energy level of the spin down Δ1 band of the Fe electrode. Our results showed that an inserted Ag mono-layer at Fe/MgO interface can remarkably improve the TMR effect at a high bias voltage.



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First-principles Study of Bias Effect on Magnetoresistance of Fe/MgO/Fe Tunnel Junctions

  • Ning Deng (a1) and Hongguang Cheng (a1)


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