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FIB-assisted Pt Deposition for Carbon Nanotube Integration and 3-D Nanoengineering

  • K. Dovidenko (a1), J. Rullan (a1), R. Moore (a1), K. A. Dunn (a1), R. E. Geer (a1) and F. Heuchling (a1)...


In this study, the Focused Ion Beam (FIB) instrument has been used for carbon nanotubes integration and nanoegineering studies. Results of thorough investigation (electrical, structural and chemical) of ultra-thin Pt contact lines and pads fabricated by the FIB, along with evaluation of nanomodification of the carbon nanotubes under the Ga+ ion beam and during Pt deposition are presented. The initial stages of FIB-assisted Pt deposition on multi-wall nanotubes are studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The FIB parameters are optimized to provide non-destructive imaging and controllable Pt deposition with minimal damage on the nanotubes. We have demonstrated effective use of FIB-fabricated Pt pads as means of attaching the nanotubes to the substrate for atomic force and ultrasonic force microscopy studies.



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