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Ferroelectric and Structural Antiphase Domains in Hexagonal RMnO3

  • K. Kobayashi (a1), T. Koyama (a1), Y. Horibe (a2), T. Katsufuji (a3), S-W. Cheong (a2) and S. Mori (a1)...


We have investigated characteristic ferroelectric and structural antiphase domain structures in single crystals of hexagonal RMnO3 (R=Y, Ho, Lu, and Yb) by obtaining various electron diffraction patterns, dark-filed images and high-resolution lattice images. In the ferroelectric phase of RMnO3 characteristic domain structures consisting of six ferroelectric and structural antiphase domains, which can be identified as the “cloverleaf” pattern, is found in the (110) plane, in addition to the (001) plane, and are inherent to the ferroelectric phase of hexagonal RMnO3. In domain configuration with the cloverleaf pattern in the (110) plane, the structural antiphase boundaries are inclined to be parallel to the [001] direction.


Corresponding author


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