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Femtosecond Laser Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon Films

  • F. Qian (a1), R. K. Singh (a1), S. Dutta (a2), P.P. Pronko (a2) and W.H. Weber (a3)...


We have deposited unhydrogenated diamond-like carbon (DLC) films with 100 femtosecond laser pulses, at intensities in the 3x1014 - 6.5x1015 W/cm2 range. Film surface topography, optical property, and bonding structure were examined, respectively, with atomic force microscopy (AFM), spectroscopie ellipsometry (SE) and Raman spectrometry. The femtosecond pulse generated plasma was studied through time-of-flight (TOF) experiment. The most probable kinetic energy of carbon ions was estimated to be in the 300 – 2000 eV range, increasing with laser intensity. In addition, a unique ‘suprathermal’ component with kinetic energy ranging from 4 to 40 keV was observed in the TOF spectrum. This high energy peak is believed to originate from fast ions in a solid density plasma created during the absorption of each femtosecond laser pulse.



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Femtosecond Laser Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon Films

  • F. Qian (a1), R. K. Singh (a1), S. Dutta (a2), P.P. Pronko (a2) and W.H. Weber (a3)...


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