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Feasibility studies of using PED deposited Sn-doped In2O3 Films for Organic Electronic Devices

  • Sushma Kotru (a1), Rachel M. Frazier (a2), Mengwei Chen (a1), Harshan V. Nampoori (a1) and Daniel T. Daly (a2)...


In this work, pulsed electron deposition was used to prepare thin films of ITO on plastic substrates. These films were used as electrodes for organic photovoltaic devices to determine the feasibility of using PED deposited ITO as electrodes. ITO films deposited on plastic showed optical transmission values as high as 85% for films deposited at high pressures. Films deposited on plastic substrates were further used to prepare a test organic solar cell, with ITO as the bottom electrode. The device performance was seen to depend on the quality of the ITO electrode, and the ITO film deposited at the lowest oxygen pressure was found to be the best electrode for the organic photovoltaic device.



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