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Fatigue Testing Machine of Micro-Sized Specimens for MEMS Applications

  • Y. Higo (a1), K. Takashima (a1), M. Shimojo (a1), S. Sugiura (a2), B. Pfister (a3) and M. V. Swain (a4)...


A new type of fatigue testing machine for micro-sized specimens for MEMS applications has been developed. This fatigue testing machine consists of a magnetostrictive actuator which is able to impart small displacements to a specimen upto 20 νm with resolution of 5 nm. The actuator is connected to a metal shaft and a diamond tip of 5 νm in radius is attached to the end of the shaft. Small displacements are applied to the specimen through the diamond tip. This makes it possible to construct a high stiffness loading fixture. The magnitude of load applied to the specimen is measured by a strain gauge type load cell with a load resolution of 10 νN. The specimen stage and load cell can be moved to adjust the loading position precisely by a stepping motor at a translation resolution of 0.1 νm. Cantilever beam type specimens with dimensions of 10 × 12 × 50 νm3 were prepared from a Ni-P amorphous thin film by focused ion beam machining. Very small cyclic load (ΔP = 0.1 - 40 mN) was able to be applied to the specimen successfully. This machine appears to be promising for evaluation of fatigue properties for micro-sized specimens for MEMS applications.



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