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Fabrication,Transport and Raman Studies of Pulsed Laser Deposited Al/Ga Doped PBCO Thin Films

  • Hom R Kandel (a1), Tar-Pin Chen (a2), Hye-Won Seo (a3), Milko Iliev (a4), Paritosh Wadekar (a5), Jing-Biao Cui (a6), Shouzheng wang (a7), Fumiya Watanabe (a8), Quark Chen (a9), Zhongrui Li (a10), Lixi Yuan (a11) and Dever Norman (a12)...


We have fabricated highly resistive materials PrBa2 (Cu1-xMx) 3O7 (M=Al, Ga, x = 0.20) by doping metals Ga and Al on PrBa2Cu3O7(PBCO). X-ray data indicated no significant second phases in substituting Cu by Al or Ga up to 20%.The electrical resistivity of these materials were three to four orders in magnitude higher than PBCO at 200K, which may give an effective potential barrier to YBCO in high Tc S-I-S Josephson junction. Epitaxial thin films of these materials were grown using KrF excimer laser on LAO (110) single crystal substrates. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) were deployed to study the crystal orientation, epitaxy and roughness of the single crystal thin films. Micro Raman spectroscopy was carried out to investigate the dopant site in PBCO.



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