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Fabrication of Novel III-N and III-V Modulator Structures by ECR Plasma Etching

  • S. J. Pearton (a1), C. R. Abernathy (a1), J. D. MacKenzie (a1), J. R. Mileham (a1), R. J Shul (a2), S. P. Kilcoyne (a2), M. Hagerott-Crawford (a2), F. Ren (a3), W. S. Hobson (a3) and J. M. Zavada (a4)...


Quantum well microdisk laser structures have been fabricated in the GaN/InGaN, GaAs/AlGaAs and GaAs/InGaP systems using a combination of ECR dry etching (Cl2/CH4/H2/Ar, BC13/Ar or CH4/H2/Ar plasma chemistries respectively) and subsequent wet chemical etching of a buffer layer underlying the quantum wells. While wet etchants such as HF/H2O and HCI/HNO3/H2O are employed for AlGaAs and InGaP, respectively, a new KOH-based solution has been developed for AlN which is completely selective over both GaN and InGaN. Typical mask materials include PR or SiNx, while the high surface recombination velocity of exposed AlGaAs (∼105cm·sec-1) requires encapsulation with ECR-CVD SiNx to stabilize the optical properties of the modulators.



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