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Fabrication of Location-Controlled Silicon Crystal Grains by Combining Excimer Laser Irradiation with Nanometer-sized A-Si

  • Chun-Chien Tsai (a1), Ting-Kuo Chang (a2), Hsiu-Hsin Chen (a3), Bo-Ting Chen (a3) and Huang-Chung Cheng (a3)...


In this paper, location-controlled Silicon crystal grains are fabricated by a novel excimer laser crystallization method. An array of 1.8-μm-sized disk-liked grains are formed by this method, and the high-performance n-channel LTPS TFTs with field-effect-mobility reaching 308 cm2/Vs can be fabricated owing to the artificially-controlled lateral grain growth. This position-manipulated Silicon grains are essential to high performance and good uniformity thin film transistors.



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