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Fabrication of Integrated Ferrite/Semiconductor Circulators

  • S. A. Oliver (a1), H. How (a2), P. Shi (a3), W. Hu (a3), I. Kozulin (a3), N. E. McGruer (a3), P. M. Zavracky (a3) and C. Vittoria (a3)...


Integrated planar circulator circuits operating at frequencies near 10 GHz have been fabricated using transferred film techniques. A 100 micrometer thick film of single-crystal yttrium iron garnet was transferred onto a metallized silicon die using a bond and lap-back process. The alloy bond layer was formed through a low-temperature solid-liquid interdiffusion process using films of indium and gold. This bond layer proved of sufficient strength to permit removal of the gadolinium gallium garnet substrate through grinding, but chemical analysis of the bond shows that interdiffusion occurs between the bond and metallization layers. These integrated gamet/silicon circulator circuits show good device performance.



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