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Fabrication of Flexible and Conductive Graphene-Silver Films by Polymer Dispersion and Coating Method

  • Jiang-Jen (JJ) Lin (a1), Sheng-Yen Shen (a1), Po-Ta Shih (a1) and Rui-Xuan Dong (a1)


We like to report a novel conductive film containing graphene-silver nanohybrids from the process of solution coating and annealing at low-temperature for melting silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) into interconnected Ag matrice on surface. The fabrication required the assistance of a home-made polymeric dispersant, poly(oxyethylene)-segmented imide (POE-imide), for homogenize the AgNPs and graphene in hybridized form. The intermediate dispersion of AgNPs at 10–25 nm diameter on the surface of 2D-graphene were characterized and subsequently subjected to solution coating into thin films. Under the annealing temperature as low as 160 °C, the films exhibited a high electric conductivity or low sheet resistance at 2.4×10–1 Ω/sq (equivalent to 7.9×104 S/cm). It is noteworthy that the significant point of low-temperature annealing at 160–170 °C that is attributed to the fast deterioration and degradation of the POE-imide organics kinetically before the AgNP coalescence and melting. Furthermore, the comparisons of using silicate clays and carbon nanotubes in replacing the 2D graphene for hybridizing Ag had revealed the different morphologies in Ag networks. The findings of using the polymeric dispersion for synthesizing nanohybrids may open up a new avenue for making films with integrated properties of flexibility, transparency and high conductivity for a host of electronic applications.


Corresponding author


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Fabrication of Flexible and Conductive Graphene-Silver Films by Polymer Dispersion and Coating Method

  • Jiang-Jen (JJ) Lin (a1), Sheng-Yen Shen (a1), Po-Ta Shih (a1) and Rui-Xuan Dong (a1)


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