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Fabrication of CDS Thin Films Using Continuous Wave Laser Evaporation

  • E.W. Tenpas (a1), K. D. Vuong (a1), S. Orloff (a1), J.G. Fagan (a1), V. Wu (a1) and X.W. Wang (a1)...


We report new results on continuous wave Nd: YAG laser deposition of Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) thin films. Substrates were soda-lime silicate (SLS) glass, silica glass, silicon, alumina, and copper coated formvar sheets. As-deposited films were characteristically mixtures of cubic and hexagonal phases. X-ray diffraction analysis reveals that two different grain size groups are present. As revealed by SEM micrographs, films had smooth surface morphology. Transmission electron microscopy analysis reveals that grain sizes were extremely small. Also, semiconductive behavior was noted.



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8 Measured by Hoelzer, A.T. and Hoelzer, D.T.


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