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Fabrication and Properties of AlGaN/GaInN Double Heterostructure Grown on 6H-SiC(0001)Si

  • Hiroshi Amano (a1), Shigetoshi Sota (a1), Masaki Nishikawa (a1), Masato Yoshida (a1), Makoto Kawaguchi (a1), Masahiro Ohta (a1), Hiromitsu Sakai (a1) and Isamu Akasaki (a1)...


AlGaN/GalnN double heterostructures (DH) were fabricated by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy on the (0001)Si 6H-SiC substrate. A cleaved edge shows a very flat surface with roughness on the order of one monolayer. Stimulated emission and laser action from the UV to blue region was observed by optical pumping at room temperature (RT). The threshold power density was 27KW/cm2 which is smaller than that of the same structure grown on a sapphire (0001) substrate by a factor of four. A AlGaN/GalnN DH UV light emitting diode, using undoped GalnN is fabricated. The power efficiency and spectra width of this LED is comparable or superior to that of an LED having the same structure but grown on sapphire.



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