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Fabrication and Characterization of Color Phosphors Prepared Electrophoretically for 4-inch Full Color Fed Application

  • J. P. Hong (a1), J. E. Jang (a1), Y. H. Jin (a1), J. W. Kim (a1), J. H. Choi (a1), Y. C. You (a1), N. S. Park (a1) and J. M. Kim (a1)...


Color phosphors have been deposited on indium-tin glasses by utilizing an electrophoretic process for the application to prototype 4-inch full color FED devices. The deposition suspension is prepared with color phosphors of l-3um size, isopropanol, charger and binder. Various parameters, such as deposition time and applied voltages, are systematically performed to this end. As a result, each phosphor exhibited uniform thickness of about 6–10um over the whole plate. Electrical properties of the deposited phosphors are investigated and compared both in the vacuum chamber and in fully-sealed 4” FED conditions. In addition, they are extensively characterized by the SEM and 3-dimentional analysis. Experimental results confirm that the phosphor quality in real FED devices is significantly affected by deposition conditions.



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