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Fabrication and Characteristics of Low Doped Gallium-Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistor

  • Ved Prakash Verma (a1), Dohyun Kim (a2), Minhyon Jeon (a3) and Wonbong Choi (a4)


Thin film transistor (TFT) with low (1%wt) Ga-doped ZnO (GZO) as an active channel on SiO2/Si substrate has been fabricated at room temperature by rf-magnetron sputtering. The devices show a mobility of 5.7 cm2/V.s at low operation voltage (<5V), a low turn-on voltage of 0.5 V and sub-threshold swing of 85 mV/decade. The TFT device performance is significantly affected by vacuum-level and annealing temperature, which can be attributed to the removal of chemisorped oxygen in the active channel surface. Low doped GZO is a new class of high performance TFT channel material that is easy to process.



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