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Fabricating Two-Dimensional Metal Nanocrystal Arrays Using Pulsed-Laser Deposition and Focused Ion-Beam Technologies

  • Richard F. Haglund (a1), Robert A. Weller (a1), Cynthia E. Heiner (a2), Matthew D. McMahon (a3), Robert H. Magruder (a1), Allen T. Newton (a1), Liyong Shen (a1) and Leonard C. Feldman (a1)...


We describe recent experiments in which we attempted the initial steps for fabricating twodimensional arrays of metal nanocrystals. We use a commercial pulsed-laser deposition system in concert with a focused ion beam to attempt control over both lateral and vertical dimensions at the nanometer length scale. In our experiments, regular arrays of holes typically 80 nm in diameter were drilled in Si substrates using the focused ion beam. Silver atoms were then deposited onto these substrates by pulsed laser evaporation from a metallic target in high vacuum. Under certain conditions of substrate temperature, laser pulse repetition rate, and fluence, small silver nanoclusters form preferentially around the structures previously etched in the silicon surfaces by the focused ion beam.



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