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Fabricate Photonic Crystals Based on ZnS/opal System via Solvothermal Method

  • Jieming Cao (a1), Xin Chang, Lijia Pan, Hongmei Ji, Jinsong Liu, Jie Feng, Fang Zhang, Haiyan Wang, Jie Tao and Guoyue Xu...


We made photonic crystals composed of artificial opals infiltrated with ZnS semiconductor nanocrystals by using self-assembly and solvothermal methods. Scanning electron microscopy images show that the silica spheres exhibit a well-ordered arrangement and the ZnS nanocrystals grow homogenously inside the opal matrix and the as-synthesized ZnS nanocrystals reveal a cubic phase from X-ray diffraction pattern. Furthermore, the optical properties of the infiltrated opals with different ZnS filling ratio are also studied by transmission spectroscopy respectively. It is proposed that the position of the stop band can be easily designed by controlling the infiltration ratio of ZnS. These results demonstrate an effective and practical route to obtain high-performance photonic crystal structures.



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