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Extracting Mobility-Lifetime Product in Solar Cell Absorbers Using Quantum Efficiency Analysis

  • Jeremy R. Poindexter (a1), Riley E. Brandt (a1), Niall M. Mangan (a1) and Tonio Buonassisi (a1)


The long-wavelength quantum efficiency (QE) response of photovoltaic absorbers is determined by the length scales for minority carrier collection. However, extracting quantitative measurements of minority carrier mobility-lifetime product (μτ) is complicated by uncertainty in other factors such as the depletion width, electric field, and the absorption coefficient. We apply previously developed methods to obtain estimates for μτ in a tin(II) sulfide (SnS) solar cell. We compare three analytic models for the minority carrier collection probability as a function of absorber depth to determine which model most accurately captures the behavior in our devices. For models in which multiple parameters are unconstrained, a random numerical search is used to optimize the fit to experimental QE for SnS. To identify sources of error, we perform a sensitivity analysis by fitting with SCAPS-1D. Our analysis shows that changes in absorption most strongly affect estimates for μτ, highlighting the need to obtain accurate, device-specific absorption data. Further modeling and experimental constraints are required to obtain self-consistent values for μτ that correspond to actual device performance.



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