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Extra Contribution of Tm Solutes to the Solute-Dislocation/Surface Interactions in Nickel

  • T. Shinoda (a1), K. Masuda-Jindo (a2) and Tomoo Suzuki (a3)


The solute-dislocation (S-D) interaction energies for various kinds of transition-metal(TM) and B-subgroup solutes in nickel are calculated using a simple tight-binding electronic theory with lattice relaxations taken into account. As a result, the S-D interaction energy for TM solutes is almost identical with that for B-subgroup solutes when compared at an equal level of size-misfit strain( SMS) in Ni. This is neither more nor less than the answer from the classical elastic theory. However, in the solutions of the present calculation there are some points which can not be derived from the continuum elastic theory. Experiments show that Ni3Al is, differently from Ni, more strengthened by TM solutes than by B-subgroup ones. It is discussed that this may be due to the extra contribution of TM solutes to the S-D interaction energy in Ni3Al. As another possibility that TM solutes may contribute differently from B-subgroup ones to the macroscopic property of Ni, the (100) surface segregation of solute atoms in Ni is discussed.



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