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External Gettering Comparison and Structural Characterization of Single and Polycrystalline Silicon

  • Henry Hieslmair (a1), Scott McHugo (a1) and Eicke Weber (a1)


Various silicon samples, both single and polycrystalline, were intentionally contaminated and externally gettered using phosphorus, aluminum and co- phosphorus/aluminum gettering. Gettering efficiencies were quantified via diffusion length improvements. Structural characterization was used to correlate defects with low gettering efficiencies. External gettering was found to be particularly effective at recovering diffusion length in large grain polycrystalline silicon and solar grade single crystal silicon despite Fe contamination and high defect densities. One of two explanations is possible, 1) the structural defects are initially undecorated and are completely gettered after Fe contamination, or 2) metal decoration on as-grown structural defects are structurally and/or chemically different from intentional Fe decoration.



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