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Evidence for the Photoemission Nature of Gd 4f Resonant Photoemission

  • S. R. Mishra (a1), T. R. Cummins (a2), W. J. Gammon (a1), G. D. Waddill (a2), G. Van der-Laan (a3), K. W. Goodman (a4) and J. G. Tobin (a4)...


The constructive interference between direct and indirect channels above the absorption threshold of a core level leads to a massive increase in the emission cross section leading to a phenomenon called “resonant photoemission”. Using novel magnetic linear dichroism in angular distribution photoelectron spectroscopy experiment we have tried to understand the nature of the resonant photoemission process in Gd metal. The presence of dichroism in Gd 4f photoemission intensity at a photon energy corresponding to resonant photoemission clearly demonstrates the photoemission-like nature of the resonant photoemission process.



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