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Evidence for Antiferroelectric Behavior in KNbO3/KTaO3 Superlattices

  • J. Sigman (a1), H. M. Christen (a2), P. H. Fleming (a2), L. A. Boatner (a2) and D. P. Norton (a1)...


The dielectric response in artificially layered 1x1 KTaO3/KNbO3 perovskite superlattice structures is reported. While KTaO3 and KNbO3 are ferroelectric or paraelectric, respectively, superlattices appear antiferroelectric based on an increase in dielectric constant with applied dc bias. This “positive tunability” in dielectric response occurs at the same temperature region where a structural phase transition is observed. This dielectric behavior is inconsistent with the nonlinear response for either paraelectric or ferroelectric materials. However, an increase in the dielectric constant with applied electric field is consistent with antiferroelectric behavior. The antiferroelectric ordering correlates with cation modulation imposed by the superlattice.



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Evidence for Antiferroelectric Behavior in KNbO3/KTaO3 Superlattices

  • J. Sigman (a1), H. M. Christen (a2), P. H. Fleming (a2), L. A. Boatner (a2) and D. P. Norton (a1)...


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