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Evaluation of Microdefects in As-Grown Silicon Crystals

  • H. Takeno (a1), S. Ushio (a1) and T. Takenaka (a1)


Microdefects, revealed as ‘flow patterns’ by preferential etching using Secco's etchant, in as-grown silicon crystals have been investigated by means of a transmission electron microscopy and a preferential etching. In as-grown CZ crystals, grown at the pulling speeds of 0.4 or 1.4 mm/min, dislocation loops and clusters were observed with TEM. The dislocation loops in both crystals are interstitial type. From a thermal behavior of flow patterns by heat treatments, we confirmed that the defects revealed as flow patterns in CZ crystals do not have a similar nature of that in D-defect region of FZ crystals.



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