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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of DLC-TiC Microlaminate Coatings

  • R. Bahl (a1), M. Vedawyas (a1), D. Patel (a1), Ashok Kumar (a1) and M. Shamsuzzoha (a2)...


Microlaminate coatings are made of many alternating layers of two hard materials that, when combined in very thin layer on the nanometer scale, produce coatings with hardness that approaches diamond. In this report, we address these properties, from our investigations on the multilayer structures of titanium carbide (TIC) and diamond-like carbon (DLC) deposited on Si (100) substrates using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique. X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy were used for the structural studies and the mechanical properties were analysed by the nano-indention technique. Microlaminate coatings of TiC/DLC and DLC/TiC coatings with varying layers were deposited on Si(100) substrates. Analysis of mechanical properties revealed that the hardness and modulus values of the multi-layers lie between those of monolithic coatings of TIC and DLC.



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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of DLC-TiC Microlaminate Coatings

  • R. Bahl (a1), M. Vedawyas (a1), D. Patel (a1), Ashok Kumar (a1) and M. Shamsuzzoha (a2)...


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