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Evaluation of four curing agents of epoxy resin and their effects above their thermal and dinamomechanical properties

  • Aida E. García Valdez (a1), Ricardo Acosta Ortiz (a1), Lydia Berlanga Duarte (a1), Jorge Felix Espinosa (a1) and Maria de L. Guillén Cisneros (a1)...


Were synthesized four new hybrid hardener agents type amino tertiary functionalized with allyl groups from : l, 6-Hexanediamine, Diethylenetriamine, Trietilentriamine and Tris (2-aminoethyl) amine, using the basic nucleophilic substitution mechanism, replacing bromide by amino tertiary group in the presence of tetrabutylammonium bromide as phase transfer agent, producing allyl amine corresponding: ALA-4, ALA-5, ALA-6 and TRIS respectively, which were evaluated as a hardening of epoxy resin DGEBA through photopolymerization process by UV ligth curing, adding a 10, 20 and 40% molar percentage of hybrid materials and the thiol corresponding to carry out the thiol-ene reaction (TMP TMP, PTKMP) with DMPA as initiator. The resinic materials obtained, were evaluated by the technique of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) at a heating rate of 5° C/min in a range from - 50° C to 150° C in nitrogen atmosphere. The formulations with hybrid hardening agent ALA 4- 20% -PTKMP and TRIS 10% -PTKMP were the materials with modulus 2289, 2971 Mpa and tgs of 102,103°C, respectively.



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