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Evaluation of Compositional Change in Masklessly Deposited Lines by Micro-Rbs Analysis

  • A. Kinomura (a1), M. Takai (a1), Y. F. Lu (a1), S. Namba (a1), M. Satou (a2) and A. Chayahara (a2)...


Compositional deviation from the standard stoichiometry of tin-oxide and silicon-oxide lines masklessly deposited by laser-induced thermochemical reaction was investigated by micro Rutherford backscattering (RBS). Micro-RBS spectra of the lines deposited with various laser powers indicated that the stoichiometry of the deposited lines for both tin-oxide and silicon-oxide was improved by the increase in laser power. A tomographic image of the tin-oxide line showed a compositional inhomogeneity across the line.



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