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Ethylene Polymerization via Metallocenes: An Experimental Study

  • Ramiro Infante-Martínez (a1), Enrique Saldívar-Guerra (a1), Odilia Pérez-Camacho (a1) and Maricela García-Zamora (a1)


An experimental study oriented to gather kinetic modelling data in the ethylene polymerization via metallocenes is reported. Also is illustrated the employment of two methods for determination of kinetic behavior and the instantaneous activity of Ziegler-Natta catalysts in the slurry polymerization of ethylene. The theoretical basis for both methods is described as well as the required instrumentation for its implantation at a laboratory level. An experimental program of polymerization with two different metallocenic systems was executed, showing that the direct (measurement of ethylene flow) as well as the calorimetric method (based on energy balances) give equivalent high quality information on the kinetic performance of the catalyst.


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