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ESR investigations on Ca perovskite

  • M. Chipara (a1), Sy-Hwang Liou (a1), C. N. Borca (a1), R. Shoemaker (a1), S. Adenwalla (a1) and P. A. Dowben (a1)...


Electron spin resonance studies on fine powders of La0.65Ca0.35MnO3, performed in the X band, are reported. The coexistence of paramagnetic and ferromagnetic phases, in a narrow temperature range close to the Curie temperature, is observed. The electron spin resonance measurements do not support the presence of bipolarons above the Curie temperature. Temperature dependence of the ESR linewidth is governed by the hopping of polarons and the corresponding activation energy is about 150 meV above TC.



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ESR investigations on Ca perovskite

  • M. Chipara (a1), Sy-Hwang Liou (a1), C. N. Borca (a1), R. Shoemaker (a1), S. Adenwalla (a1) and P. A. Dowben (a1)...


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