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The Erosive Behaviour of Diamond

  • C S James Pickles (a1), E J Coad (a1), G H Jilbert (a1) and J E Field (a1)


Diamond exists in many forms including natural diamond, synthetic diamond produced at high temperatures and pressures, polycrystalline diamond composites (PCD's) and most recently chemical vapour deposited (CVD) diamond. The liquid impact behaviour of these materials has been characterised in terms of a single and multiple impact damage threshold velocity which was obtained using a jet technique capable of reaching velocities of 600 m s−1. The multiple impact damage threshold velocity is a highly reproducible parameter which is invaluable in comparing the rain erosion resistances of different materials.

The sand erosion resistances of the various forms of diamond have also been evaluated using a specially designed sand blasting apparatus at velocities up to 270 m s-1. The extent of damage is quantified by mass and transmission loss as a function of impact velocity.

The results of these experiments reveal that the exceptional mechanical properties of diamond cause it to have an equally exceptional response to erosion.



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The Erosive Behaviour of Diamond

  • C S James Pickles (a1), E J Coad (a1), G H Jilbert (a1) and J E Field (a1)


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