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Er3+ Photoluminescence Properties of Erbium-doped Si/SiO2 Superlattices with sub-nm Thin Si Layers

  • Yong Ho Ha (a1), Sehun Kim (a1), Dae Won Moon (a2), Ji-Hong Jhe (a3) and Jung H. Shin (a3)...


The effect of varying the Si layer thickness on the Er3+ photoluminescence properties of Er-doped Si/SiO2 superlattice is investigated. We find that as the Si layer thickness is reduced from 3.6 nm down to a monolayer of Si, the Er3+ luminescence intensity increases by over an order of magnitude. Temperature dependence of the Er3+ luminescence intensity and time-resolved measurement of Er3+ luminescence intensity identify the increase in the excitation rate as the likely cause for such an increase, and underscore the importance of the Si/SiO2 interface in determining the Er3+ luminescence properties.



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