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Equilibrium Shapes of Small Strained Islands

  • Brian J. Spencer (a1) and J. Tersoff (a2)


We calculate the equilibrium morphology of a strained layer, for the case where it wets the substrate (Stranski-Krastonow growth). Assuming isotropic surface energy and equal elastic constants in the film and substrate, we are able to calculate two-dimensional equilibrium shapes as a function of the island size and spacing. We present asymptotic results for the equilibrium shape of a thin island where the island height is much smaller than the island width. We also present numerical results of the full equations to describe the island shape when the islands are widely separated. From these solutions we are able to determine the chemical potential of the island as a function of island volume and the strain energy density along the surface of the island for small to medium-sized islands.



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Equilibrium Shapes of Small Strained Islands

  • Brian J. Spencer (a1) and J. Tersoff (a2)


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