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Epitaxial Structures For Optical Information Processing Applications: Superlattice Infrared Detectors

  • Moses T. Asom (a1)


Advances in epitaxial growth techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy and metal organic chemical vapor deposition have facilitated the formation of high quality III-V heterostructures with dimensional control down to atomic levels, with abrupt doping and near-defect-free interfaces. The flexibility and remarkable control offered by these techniques have resulted in the fabrication of new devices based on confinement or modulation of carriers in thin III-V heterostructures. Quantum wells and superlattice based devices are expected to be utilized in optical information processing as sources, modulators, and detectors. In this paper, we will review the general epitaxial requirements for quantum wells and superlattices based devices, and discuss the fabrication and properties of a new class of infrared photodetectors that employ intraband transitions in quantum wells.



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Epitaxial Structures For Optical Information Processing Applications: Superlattice Infrared Detectors

  • Moses T. Asom (a1)


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