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Epitaxial Oxide Films on Silicon: Growth, Modeling and Device Properties

  • R. Droopad (a1), J. Wang (a2), K. Eisenbeiser (a2), Z. Yu (a2), J. Ramdani (a2), J. A. Curless (a2), C. D. Overgaard (a2), J. M. Finder (a2), J. A. Hallmark (a2), V. Kaushik (a3), B. Y. Nguyen (a3), D. S. Marshall (a2) and W. J. Ooms (a2)...


Using molecular beam epitaxy, thin films perovskite-type oxide SrxBa1−xTiO3 (0≤×≤1) has been grown epitaxially on Si(001) substrates. Reflection high energy electron diffraction measurements and X-ray diffraction analysis indicate that high quality heteroepitaxy on Si takes place with SrxBa1−xTiO3(001)//Si(001) and SrxBa1−xTiO3[010]//Si[10]. Extensive atomic simulations have been carried out to understand the initial growth mechanism of the oxide layers on silicon. SrTiO3 layers grown directly on Si have been used as the gate dielectric for the fabrication of MOSFET devices. By varying the growth conditions the thickness of the amorphous interfacial silicon oxide layer formed during the growth of the oxide layers has been engineered to minimize the device short channel effects. An effective oxide thickness <10 Å has been obtained for a 110 Å thick SrTiO3 dielectric film with interface state density around 6.4 × 1010 cm−2 eV-1, and the inversion layer carrier mobilities of 220 cm2 V−1 s−1 and 62 cm 2 V−ls−1 for NMOS and PMOS devices, respectively. The gate leakage in these devices is 2 orders of magnitude smaller than a comparable SiO2 gate dielectric MOSFET.



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