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Epitaxial LaNiO3Interlayers for Ferroelectric Memory Structures

  • J. D. Klein (a1), A. Yen (a1) and S. L. Clauson (a1)


LaNiO3 thin films were utilized as metallic contact layers in ferroelectric capacitors. The LaNiO3 films were probably epitaxial when deposited atop (100) LaAlO3 substrates. They exhibited metallic resistivity over a wide range of temperature and oxygen partial pressure. Subsequent deposition of PZT and LaNiO3 thin films atop LaNiO3/LaAlO3 allowed realization of parallel-plate ferroelectric capacitor structures. The suitability of such devices for nonvolatile memory applications was surveyed through pulsed voltage testing. The observed 1-second remanent polarization exceeded 18 μC/cm2. Long-term memory was demonstrated for up to sixteen hours. No decrease in remanent polarization was apparent after more than 109 switching cycles.



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