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Epitaxial La0.67(Sr,Ca)0.33MnO3 Films on Si for IR Bolometer Applications

  • A.M. Grishin (a1), S.I. Khartsev (a1), J.-H. Kim (a1) and Jun Lu (a2)


We report on processing and properties of La0.67(Sr,Ca)0.33MnO3(LSCMO) films grown by pulsed laser deposition technique on Si(001) substrates buffered with Bi4Ti3O12/CeO2/YSZ heteroepitaxial layers. X-ray diffraction shows cube-on-cube growth of epitaxial Bi4Ti3O12/CeO2/YSZ/Si heterostructure whereas the LSCMO layer grows in the “diagonal-on-side” manner onto the Bi4Ti3O12 (BTO) template. High resolution TEM images demonstrate sharp interfaces between the buffer layers and LSCMO film as well as rare misfit dislocations on the CeO2/YSZ interface. LSCMO film processing conditions have been optimized to get maximum temperature coefficient of resistivity TCR = 4.4%K-1 and colossal magnetoresistance(CMR) ‘Delta;ρ/ρ ∼ 2.9%kOe-1 @ 294K. Almost ultimate CMR performance at room temperature has been achieved due to successive improvement of c-axisorientation of layers: full widths at half-maximum (FWHM) 0.65, 0.58, 0.65, 1.13 and 0.18 degrees in LSCMO/BTO/CeO2/YSZ/Si stack, respectively. Characterization of electrical noise in CMR film yields noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) as low as 1.2 ‘mu;K/√Hz @ 30Hz and 294K.



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Epitaxial La0.67(Sr,Ca)0.33MnO3 Films on Si for IR Bolometer Applications

  • A.M. Grishin (a1), S.I. Khartsev (a1), J.-H. Kim (a1) and Jun Lu (a2)


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