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Epitaxial IV-VI Semiconductor Films

  • T. K. Chu (a1) and A. Martinez (a2)


Epitaxial films of IV-VI semiconductors and their alloys form the basis of an infrared detector technology that offers advantages in material stability as well as spectral versatility. These films are prepared by epitaxial hot-wall techniques and their material properties are essentially the same as those of bulk crystals. Because of their stability, multilayer growths of the materials can be achieved in a straight-forward manner. To date, multi-color detectors and small scale two-color detector arrays have been demonstrated successfully. A brief review of the growth method and the growth characteristics is given. Recent advances in superlattice research, especially those of interest to electro-optical devices, will be discussed. These include persistent photoconductivity and sub-bandgap optical transition.



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Epitaxial IV-VI Semiconductor Films

  • T. K. Chu (a1) and A. Martinez (a2)


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