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Epitaxial Growth of Bi2Sr2CuO6 Thin Films on Single Crystal Surfaces.

  • Takuya Matsumoto (a1), Tomoji Kawai (a1) and Shichio Kawai (a1)


Epitaxial growth of Bi2Sr2CuO6 thin films on a SrTiO3, a misoriented SrTiO3 and a Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 single crystal have been performed using computer-controlled laser molecular beam epitaxy. On the SrTiO3 substrate, the 2201 films consist of two types of domains whose b-axes are perpendicular to each other. In contrast, the 2201 film on the 2212 single crystal has a complete single type of domains. Layer-by-layer growth with a half unit cell thickness of 2201 films is observed.



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