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Epitaxial Formation and Characterization of CeO2 Films

  • Chunyan Tian (a1), Yang Du (a1) and Siu-Wai Chan (a1)


Epitaxial and textured ceria (CeO2) films have been prepared by electron beam evaporation on (001) LaAlO3, (11 02) sapphire, (001) Au, and (001) Pd substrates using either ceria or metallic cerium as sources. Both the deposition temperature and the deposition rate were varied to determine their effects on the microstructure of CeO2 films. It was found that CeO2 films grew epitaxially on sapphire within the deposition rate of 0.5A/s, starting at a temperature of 650°C, while for epitaxial CeO2 on LaAlO3, the deposition temperature could be as low as 600°C with a deposition rate as high as 1.0Å/s. On (001) Au substrate, only (001) textured film can be fabricated between 580°C and 700°C at a deposition rate from 0.3 to 1.0A/s. On (001) Pd substrates, mixtures of textured and epitaxial films were achieved at a deposition rate of 0.2–0.5Å/S in the 700°C to 750°C temperature range.



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