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Enhancement in Electrical Properties of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Films Using Tailored Oxide Electrodes

  • Duck-Kyun Choi (a1), Kyung-Woong Park (a1), Jeong-Hee Park (a1), Se-Hoon Oh (a1), Boum-Seock Kim (a1) and Jae-Bok Lee (a1)...


Selection of a proper electrode for high dielectric material such as (Ba, Sr)TiO3 is a great concern because the deposition of BST requires a high temperature and an oxidizing atmosphere. In this study, we suggested the perovskite-type electrodes, which provide a structural match with the BST dielectric material, under the recognition that the high leakage current is associated with the structural mismatch between BST and the electrode. We studied the (Ca,Sr)RuO3 electrode of which the lattice parameter can be tuned to fit into BST by changing the Ca/Sr ratio. We also studied (Ba,Sr)RuO3 electrode which is not only structurally identical but also chemically similar to BST. In addition, the effect of doping in the BSR electrode was investigated to minimize the leakage current by proper modulation of the barrier height. The electrodes were directly deposited on an Si substrate and all the films in the experiments were deposited by RF magnetron sputtering technique. Electrical properties were measured from MIM structure. The main focus was to address the effect of Ca/Sr and Ba/Sr ratio variations in the electrodes on the resulting dielectric constant and the leakage current. The interface characteristics between the BST film and the electrode were examined in order to interpret the electrical properties of BST films.



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