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Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of FeSbx Nanocomposites Through Stoichiometric Adjustment

  • Mani Pokharel (a1), Huaizhou Zhao (a1), Kevin Lukas (a1), Zhifeng Ren (a1) and Cyril Opeil (a1)...


The Seebeck coefficient, electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity and Hall coefficient of FeSbx (x = 2.04, 2.00, and 1.96) nanocomposites hot pressed at 300 °C were measured. The power factor of FeSb1.96 was increased by 105% compared to FeSb2. Hall coefficient measurements revealed a decreased carrier concentration and increased mobility in FeSb1.96 with an overall enhancement in ZTof 45% in FeSb1.96 .



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