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Enhanced Resource Recovery by Beneficiation and Direct Acid Leaching of Fly Ash

  • E. E. Berry (a1), R. T. Hemmings (a1) and D. M. Golden (a2)


An investigation was conducted into the use of beneficiated ash fractions as feed materials for direct acid leaching to recover Al and other metals. A low-Ca (1.4% CaO) ash was selected from which four fractions (classifier fines, classifier rejects, magnetic concentrate, and non-magnetics) were produced by mineral beneficiation methods. The raw ash and the four ash fractions were leached with 6 M HCl under reflux. Mass balance data were obtained to determine extraction efficiency for Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, K and Ti. It was found that size separation of the ash had a marked influence in enhancing extraction efficiency from the fine fraction for all of the elements studied except Fe. Extraction of Fe from the magnetic fraction was less efficient than from the non-magnetic fraction. Examination of the solid residue after leaching showed that, although most of the acid-soluble components were removed from the glassy phases of the ash, a significant part of the ash comprised non-reactive glass of high-Si content. A relationship between extractable Al in ash and leachable alkali and alkaline earth metals was identified and discussed in terms of glass modification theory.



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