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Enhanced remanence in nanocomposite of Y1-xSmxCo5/Co ribbons obtained by melt-spinning

  • José L. Hidalgo (a1), Maria C. Grijalva (a2), José A. Matutes (a2), Carlos W. Orquiz (a3), Fernando L. De Araujo (a4) and Francisco A. Olímpio (a5)...


The synthesis of alloys with nominal composition for Y1-xSmxCo5 by means of arc furnace and melt-spinning, is of critical scientific importance due that if replaced partially or completely the Samarium by the Yttrium is possible understand what contribution the earth element rare to the exchange interactions that guide to increased remnant magnetization in a nanocomposite. The alloys of Y1-xSmxCo5/Co obtained by melt-spun were characterized by x-ray diffraction with a compact hexagonal crystal structure the CaCu5 type. The alloys for nanocomposites of Y1-xSmxCo5/Co ribbons show ferromagnetic behavior with good magnetic properties, order to demonstrate this the magnetic properties were measured using a pulsed field magnetometer applying a high magnetic field in order to obtain a saturated magnetization curve and a high coercivity of 0.69 MA/m and an enhanced remanence of σrsat ratio equal to 0.57 were determined.



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