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Enhanced Relaxation of Strained GexSi1−x Layers Induced by Co/GexSi1−x Thermal Reaction

  • M.C. Ridgway (a1), M.R. Rao (a1) and J.-M. Baribeau (a2)


Silicide formation on strained GexSilx layers by the thermally-induced metal/GexSi1−x reaction results in enhanced relaxation of the underlying strained layer. Silicide formation on an amorphous layer is a potential means of decreasing processing temperatures, increasing reacted-layer/GexSi1−x interface planarity and hence, decreasing strained layer relaxation. For the present report, the thermally-induced Co/Ge.17Si.83 reaction on crystalline and amorphous substrates at temperatures of 500-600°C has been compared. Though the rate of silicide formation increased with amorphous substrates, strained layer relaxation was not inhibited.



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