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Enhanced Emission from In x Ga1-x N-based LED Structures Using III-Nitride based Distributed Bragg Reflector

  • K. Lee (a1), A. Kadiyala (a1), L. E. Rodak (a1), R. Goswami (a1), V. Kumbham (a1), B. A. Bearce (a1), J. Justice (a1), J. Peacock (a1), J. M. Dawson (a1), L. A. Hornak (a1) and D. Korakakis (a1)...


In x Ga1-x N-based LED structures were grown on digital Al x Ga1-x N/GaN DBR substrate to enhance emission extraction. Same LED structure was grown on sapphire substrate as a comparison. LEDs grown on DBR substrate exhibited similar IV characteristics to that grown on sapphire substrate but emission-angle-dependent EL spectra were observed. Also, the resonant vertical cavity modes were observed in EL spectra of LEDs with DBR structure and compared to simulated results. Image processing analysis results show that light extraction of LEDs is enhanced with use of DBR substrate.



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