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Enhanced Blue Light Emission From Sexiphenyl Heterostructure EL Device

  • Yutaka Ohmori (a1), Takahisa Tsukagawa (a1) and Hirotake Kajii (a1)


Enhanced electroluminescence (EL) from vapor deposited p-sexiphenyl (6p) layer has been observed utilizing heterostructure of p-sexiphenyl emissive layer and N,N'-diphenyl-N,N'-(3-methylphenyl)-1,1'-biphenyl-4,4'-diamine (TPD) hole transporting layer. The EL device consists of an indium-tin oxide (ITO) anode, a hole transporting layer, an emissive layer, and a magnesium containing silver cathode. A heterostructure device with 50 nm-thick p-sexiphenyl and 60 nm-thick TPD shows the enhanced emission from the p-sexiphenyl emissive layer. The electroluminescence from the device shows the emission peak centered at 420 nm. The p-sexiphenyl/TPD heterostructure device emits 2 orders of magnitude higher intensity than the conventional single layer of p-sexiphenyl device. The mechanism of enhanced emission from the heterostructure device has been discussed utilizing energy band diagrams of these materials.



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