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Enhanced Antimony Activation for Ultra-Shallow Junctions in Strained Silicon

  • Nick Bennett (a1), A. J. Smith (a2), C. S. Beer (a3), L. O'Reilly (a4), B. Colombeau (a5), G. D. Dilliway (a6), R. Harper (a7), P. J. McNally (a8), R. Gwilliam (a9), N. E. B. Cowern (a10) and B. J. Sealy (a11)...


Sheet resistance (Rs) reductions are presented for antimony and arsenic doped layers produced in strained Si. Results re-emphasise the Rs reduction for As comes purely as a result of mobility improvement whereas for Sb, a superior lowering is observed from improvements in both mobility and activation. For the first time, strain is shown to enhance the activation of dopant atoms whilst Sb is seen to create stable ultra-shallow junctions. Our results propose Sb as a viable alternative to As for the creation of highly activated, low resistance ultra-shallow junctions for use with strain-engineered CMOS devices.



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