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Enameling of Alumina Implant Materials with Bioglasses:Behavior of These Enamels in Simulated Biological Environments.

  • D. Muster (a1), J. L. Crovisier (a2) and J. M. Hamert (a2)


Four glasses were tested as enamel seals between osseous and mucous media on alumina implants. It was found that a perfect enamel adherence on the aluminous substrate is obtained at 1400° C. During enameling the surface of the implant is dissolved in the glass, which leads to the formation of aluminosilicate crystals in the implant/enamel interface. A rapid cooling from 200 to 1°C in water does not provoke fissuring of the enamel for the four glasses tested, which illustrates the good mechanical resistance of the implant/enamel bond. The preliminary in vitro results indicate that hydroxyapatite forms directly within the leached layer developed in plasma (except for KG.X glass).



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