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Emerging Magnetism Arising from Self Damage in α- and δ-Pu

  • Scott McCall (a1), Micheal J Fluss (a2), Brandon W Chung (a3), George F Chapline (a4), Damon D Jackson (a5) and Micheal W McElfresh (a6)...


As a consequence of the unusual nature of plutonium's electronic structure, point- and extended-defects are expected to, and do exhibit extraordinary properties. Low temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements on Pu and fcc-Pu(Ga) show that the magnetic susceptibility increases as a function of time, yet upon annealing the specimen returns to its initial magnetic susceptibility. This excess magnetic susceptibility (EMS) arises from the alpha-decay and U recoil damage cascades which produce vacancy and interstitials as point and extended defects. The temperature of the first annealing stage defines a temperature (<35K) below which we are able to characterize the time and temperature evolution of the accumulating damage cascades as being a saturation function. The temperature dependence of the EMS is well described by a time independent, Curie-Weiss curve arising from a volumetric region surrounding each U damage cascade. This saturation picture also leads directly to a determination of the microscopic volume of the specimen that is affected by the frozen-in damage cascade. For our measurements in δ-Pu we calculate a diameter of the magnetically affected volume of ∼250Å per damage cascade. This should be compared with an estimated volume that encloses the damage cascade itself (determined from molecular dynamics) of ∼100 Å. Hence, the ratio of these volumes is ∼8. The observed anomalous magnetic behavior is likely a consequence of the highly correlated nature of the electrons. Similarities with defects in hole-doped superconductors suggest a general phenomenon in strongly correlated electron systems, of which Pu may be a particularly unusual or special example.



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