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Elevated Temperature Silicon Carbide Chemical Sensors

  • M. A. George (a1), M. A. Ayoub (a1), D. Ila (a2) and D. J. Larkin (a3)


In this study, the (I-V) properties of the sensors were measured as a function of hydrogen, propylene and methane exposure at temperatures up to 400° C and sensor responses were observed for each gas. The response to hydrogen and propylene had a rapid increase and leveling off of the current followed by the subsequent decrease to the baseline when the gas was switched off. However, exposure to methane resulted in a rapid spike in the current followed by a gradual increase with continued exposure. X-ray photoelectron (XPS) studies of methane exposed SiC sensors revealed that this behavior is attributed to the oxidation of methane at the Pd surface.



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Elevated Temperature Silicon Carbide Chemical Sensors

  • M. A. George (a1), M. A. Ayoub (a1), D. Ila (a2) and D. J. Larkin (a3)


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