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Electrosynthesis of Magnetostrictive Nanosensor Array

  • Suiqiong Li (a1), Lisa Orona (a2), Liling Fu (a3) and Z.-Y. Cheng (a4)


Magnetostrictive nanobars as sensor platform were induced. Based on the resonance behavior of strips made from thin films, it is identified that the amorphous Fe-B alloy is a good candidate for fabricating high performance sensor platform. The fabrication process of amorphous Fe-B nanobars using electrochemical deposition is reported. The magnetization hysteresis loop of Fe-B nanobars with the diameters of 50, 100 and 200 nm, respectively, was characterized. It is found that, for all nanobars, the coercive field measured along length direction is smaller than the coercive field measured perpendicular to length direction. The physics behind the phenomena is discussed.



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Electrosynthesis of Magnetostrictive Nanosensor Array

  • Suiqiong Li (a1), Lisa Orona (a2), Liling Fu (a3) and Z.-Y. Cheng (a4)


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